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Continuing Education Training by RTGR Attorneys

Continuing Education Training by RTGR Attorneys

We look forward to presenting any of the following 1-2 hour training programs to your team.  Please call or e-mail your local RTGR Law Office to set up a presentation: http://rtgrlaw.com/contact/

  1. Using the Dahl case to Win

How to use the ­Dahl­ case and other recent cases to defend against Ogilvie­ and LeBeouf cases and efforts by applicant’s attorneys to use vocational evidence to increase PD awards up to 100%.

  1. Benefits Notices & Timeline Compliance

Stay on top of the notice requirements and critical timelines in Workers’ Compensation cases.

  1. Winning with the Post-Termination Defense

Fight back against suspicious post-employment claims. Know when the defense can be used in specific and cumulative trauma claims, for both physical and psyche injuries.  Also reviews overlap with the Good-Faith Personnel defense and offers Best Practices for employers and claims administrators.

  1. Case Law Update

Stay ahead of the game with this overview of the latest and most recent changes in the law.

  1. Safety Officer Benefits and Presumptions

Police & Fire Chiefs, Public Agency Risk & HR Managers: Learn all about Labor Code Section 4850 leaves of absence and the IDR process, as well as when the legal presumptions of injury apply and the defenses to them.

  1. Winning Apportionment Strategies

Master the laws on apportionment to make sure all the PD apportionment on your claims  is valid and upheld by the WCAB.

  1. Workers’ Compensation Disability Management

How does and employer manage ADA/FEHA disability accommodations and FMLA/CFRA leaves of absence in a workers’ compensation claim?  Learn how to avoid pitfalls and the best practices to harmonize total compliance for the outcome you want.

  1. Applicant’s Attorneys’ Strategies and Secrets Revealed

We summarized the strategies and tactics covered at the most recent CAAA Conventions and offer the best practices on how to prepare and fight back!


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