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Continuing Education by RTGR Law – Live And Webinar Formats Available

Continuing Education by RTGR Law – Live And Webinar Formats Available

We look forward to presenting any of the following 1-2 hour training programs to your team.  We can come to your office for a live and in-person presentation, or we can present through our live Webinar format so folks can simply log-in and call-in from all locations.

If you are interested in a Live Presentation, please e-mail any of our attorneys you are working with, or else your closest RTGR Law Office to set up a presentation with our senior attorney in your area: http://rtgrlaw.com/contact/

If you are interested in a Webinar Presentation, please e-mail any of our attorneys you are working with, or else send an e-mail to info@nullrtgrlaw.com and our team will get back to you to set that up with an RTGR Law senior attorney.

  1. Workers’ Comp 101 – 1.5 hrs. The perfect program for employers, HR and Risk Management folks, entry-level claims personnel, or anyone new to California Workers’ Comp. Learn all about AOE/COE, exclusive remedy, employment issues, how to handle a claim, the types of benefits and the procedures at the WCAB.
  2. 132a, S&W and Subrogation Recovery – 1 hr. –This program covers those benefits and issues that are particularly important to employers and are not generally covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance, such as 132a and Serious & Willful Misconduct exposure. It also covers how employers recover W.C. benefits paid through civil subrogation litigation.
  3. Managing Questionable WC Claims – 1 hr. Advanced issues of AOE/COE, controlling run-away Cumulative Trauma claims, the Post-Termination Defense, Psyche issues, the Coming & Going Rule and Fraud are all covered in this short program, perfect for intermediate and advanced WC professionals.
  4. Safety Officer Benefits & Presumptions – 1.5 hrs. This advanced program is perfect for public agency employers and senior claims folks who handle police and firefighter cases. We cover Labor Code section 4850, IDRs, the cancer & heart presumptions (among others) and ways to mitigate Public Safety Workers’ Compensation exposure.
  5. Employment Law and WC Overlap & Risks – 2 hrs. Prepared by RTGR’s Senior Partners Bill Armstrong & Tom Richard, this one-of-a-kind program dives into disability management, especially when the disability is the result of a workplace injury, the overlapping (and often conflicting) requirements of the ADA, FEHA, and the FMLA, as well as HIPAA compliance regarding WC records. There is no other program quite like it available anywhere!
  6. Workers’ Comp Issues Resulting From Workplace Violence – 1 hr. Sadly, workplace violence is a reality for many employers – this program covers the WC implications of violence in the workplace, including helpful tips and strategies for employers before and after such events.
  7. Terminating Post-Term CT Claims – 1 hr. In this webinar we dive in to the legal framework for Cumulative Trauma claims and defenses available, especially post-termination and statute of limitations. We then move to practical strategies for investigating and defending these claims.
  8. Recent WC Legislation Pending and Enacted  – 1 hr. We focus on the Workers’ Compensation bills that were proposed, including those defeated and those enacted, in the 2019-2020 legislative session. We also discuss strategies for employers faced with these new laws.
  9. Work Related Stress and Contingent Workers – 1.5 hrs. This highly advanced program is ideal for HR and Risk Mangers, House Counsel and Employment & Labor attorneys.  It covers the risks under California, Texas and Florida Workers’ Compensation systems, including potential exclusive remedy challenges posed by workplace mental health injury and suicide claims.


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