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Disability & Employment Law

When does a Workers’ Compensation claim trigger the Interactive Process and FMLA/CFRA protected leave?

How does an employer mitigate runaway claims exposure while managing return-to-work issues under the ADA/FEHA?

At RTGR Law, we answer these and other challenging questions every day.

We vigorously defend our clients at the EEOC, FEHA, OAH, UIAP, WCAB, and other agencies as injury and disability claims become ever more complex, while often conflicting with leave laws, Medicare rules, and other mandates.

RTGR Law protects our clients from pitfalls where labor & employment laws collide with Workers’ Compensation rules.  Our focused defense of California employers allows us to effectively navigate the potential conflicts between these laws.

Our goal is to limit liability for our clients through employee training and the effective management of accommodations, return to work disputes, leaves of absence, workplace injury claims, investigations, corrective actions and terminations.